You’ll enjoy reading “Reelfoot” (Carson Reno Series book 11) by Gerald W. Darnell

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.

An ex-Memphis cop and a friend of Carson is in trouble – but what kind of trouble?
While trying to answer that question, Carson finds more questions – and all with no answers.
What Carson also finds is trouble coming from all directions. The Mafia, the Teamsters Union, an unhappy sheriff and some very rough characters are all looking for his friend, and Carson is in the middle of this mess.
An apparently senseless murder only complicates Carson’s problems, which makes getting to the truth more difficult.
Things are not what they seem in Carson Reno’s adventure at ‘Reelfoot’


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You can find “Reelfoot”
(Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 11)
by Gerald W. Darnell at:

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the Everglades


The Mafia has discovered some new tricks getting their drugs from Colombia to the US – and it all works well until……
Come along with Carson Reno to the Everglades where he finds trouble everywhere.
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Chapter 8; Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Episode 8 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”We’re not happy until you’re not happy”. Enjoy.

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    publication1                                 Liz had to work a noon flight to London, so she dropped me off at my car on her way back to Memphis. The old Ford looked lonely sitting in that field all by herself – I had left her all night.  It worked out best to ride with Liz and her Corvette – she didn’t like my car anyway.

When I got back to Chief’s the breakfast crowd was heavy – this was a Saturday morning in a small town.  I waved at Nickie and took a stool at the end of the bar – hoping she had some messages for me.

“Jack and Coke, Mr. Reno?” she asked grinning.

“Tell you what.  Just hold that thought and bring me some coffee – I’ve already had breakfast.”  I should have known better than to say that.

“Well, you didn’t have it in…

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SUnset 4

Dialing SUnset 4 connected the caller with a world of booze, gambling and women. But for others, it connected them with something much more dangerous.
Come along with Carson in this adventure of small town corruption, crime and murder – SUnset 4.

#mystery #suspense #thriller #murder