Episode 14 Key West

Source: Episode 14 Key West


Someone is brutally murdering people in Memphis, and for unknown reasons, the killer wants Carson involved

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Ger fingerprint murders with bible

For some stupid reason, his office phone rang; it was almost 11:30 PM on Saturday night and nobody should be calling at this hour.
“Hello,” Jim snapped after quickly grabbing the phone. He felt the presence of someone on the line, but no one spoke.
“Hello,” Jim shouted again. “Who the hell is this and why are you calling me at this hour?”
While he was screaming into the phone, the door to his office abruptly opened –Jim had a visitor.
“Well, well, well,” Jim said to his intruder, while slowly replacing the phone receiver back in its cradle. “I told you to never come to my office or call me here. And who the hell was that on the phone? One of your ‘other’ friends?” he asked sarcastically.
Jim’s visitor didn’t speak, but simply smiled, while quietly closing the office door behind them. Then they walked across the office…

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