Horse Tales – Episode 11

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Episode 10 The DoLittle Inn

Horse Tales

The ‘DoLittle Inn’

Publication1 Joe was late getting back to Chief’s.  Leroy was having difficulty with U. S. Customs, and they were definitely not going to release the horses without some documentation.  Nathan finally showed up at the sheriff’s office with his paperwork, and then he got on the phone. Nathan told the customs officers that he would be on the first plane to New Orleans, and would PERSONALLY be bringing those horses back to Humboldt.  It was a done deal.

Joe and I jumped in the Ford and headed to Medina.  He asked twice where we were headed before I finally broke down and told him – the ‘DoLittle Inn’.

‘Oh shit’ was his only comment.




The parking lot was almost full – cars, pickup trucks, and motorcycles were everywhere.  Even an 18-wheeler was parked along the highway.  It was a busy night at the

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