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Episode 4 Puerto Rico

The Everglades

Publication1  Bad news travels fast – it always does.

Julio Escobar was the head of the Colombian Cartel providing the drugs to United States connections.  Delivery and payments were always made on a regular schedule, no exceptions.  Jose Chavito was the middleman who was responsible for collecting the cash from the Mafia families when it was delivered to Puerto Rico, and then promptly distributing payments to the Escobar organization.

Camilo Rivera worked for Julio Escobar, he was a faithful employee and took his orders very seriously.  He was also a man of very few words and followed instructions to the letter – always. 

Camilo had cold dark black hair and accented his hair and dark skin with black slacks, black shirt, black jacket and black shoes.  He dressed the same way, every day.  When dealing with Camilo, little was left to doubt; he was frank, methodical, matter-of-fact and very…

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Episode 3 Information

The Everglades


          Publication1    My office address is officially listed as 149 Union Avenue – L6, which means I occupy office 6, located just off the lobby of The Peabody Hotel – Memphis, Tennessee.  I actually would consider my address to be 3rd Avenue – not Union, but the address has its perks.

The location itself is also handy.  All my phone calls come through the hotel operator, which is also my answering service.  I eat lunch and breakfast in the employee dining room at a great price.  I have a beautiful lobby to greet potential clients – and please don’t forget the duck show, it happens twice a day.  Aside from the perverts who hang out in the lobby restrooms, I can’t find a lot of fault with my office arrangements.


Besides, these are the 1960’s and people are accustomed to the modern ways of doing business. Appearance…

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