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The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land Chapter 1

Come join us with Episode 1 on my serial novel ‘The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land’. And tune in each Sunday for a new episode. Enjoy.

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

Monica Jeffers

     publication1                                  My office address is officially listed as 149 Union Avenue – L6, which means I occupy office 6 – located just off the lobby of The Peabody Hotel – Memphis, Tennessee.  I actually would consider my address to be 3rd avenue – not Union, but the address has its perks.

The location itself is also handy.  All my phone calls come through the hotel operator, which is also my answering service. I eat lunch and breakfast in the employee dining room at a great price. I have a beautiful lobby to greet potential clients – and please don’t forget the duck show, it happens twice a day. Aside from the perverts who hang out in the lobby restrooms, I can’t find a lot of fault with my office arrangements.


Besides, this is 1962 and people are accustomed to the modern ways of doing business…

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Award Winning Crime Thrillers



Smoke em’ if you gottem’.
Get comfortable and check out my latest adventure ‘Deadly Decision’
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Mystery at its BEST. From Tennessee to Florida, come along with Carson on one his most read and most exciting adventures.
#mystery #suspense #thriller #murder


The End…….A Dead End
Numerous awards for this Carson Reno thriller. Come along and find your ‘End of the Road’
Watch the video here:
#mystery #suspense #thriller #murder


A real ‘Whodunnit’ with a twist. Come along with Carson and share his mystery adventure ‘Justifiable Homicide’.
Watch the book trailer here:
#mystery #suspense #thriller #murder


Justifiable Homicide

Carson’s client is suspected of two murders, and desperately needs his help. After a night of drinking she wakes up in a hotel room with a dead man, but claims no memory of the previous night’s events. However, a gun found in the hotel room was used for another murder – used to kill a lawyer at the local Drive Inn Theater. Then…things get worse!
The murder gun belongs to his client’s husband and has her fingerprints all over it. The dead lawyer was blackmailing her and witnesses saw her at both murder scenes.
Interesting and dangerous characters surface, and somehow events from World War Two are playing a part in the mystery. To prove his client innocent, Carson must unravel a complex blackmail scheme and explain a few murders.
Follow Carson as he chases clues trying to solve this old fashion murder mystery. A mystery that has everyone looking the wrong way. This is an unusual case for Carson – a case of Justifiable Homicide.


A Train Called the City of New Orleans

Take a listen…you WILL enjoy this.  Listen here:

This is a short story called ‘A Train Called the City of New Orleans’ and produced by Rob Steele. The story is actually the opening chapter from my Carson Reno Mystery Series novel ‘the Crossing’.   Sit back and enjoy Rob’s presentation.



Have you taken one of these adventures yet?

Have you taken one of these adventures yet? Most are $.99 – some are more but all are worth it. Each adventure is a standalone novel and it is not necessary to read them in any particular order. Not an ebook fan? Paperback books are available most everywhere with signed and personalized copies on my websites and
And hey….many of the novels are offered in audiobook versions too.
Come along for the ride – I promise you’ll enjoy the trip.

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