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My friends at ‘the Inflectionist’ are now offering the second edition of their Hardcopy magazine. For the past few years their online magazine has been publishing serialized versions of my novels, which I share with you on a weekly basis – those will continue.
I’m very proud to be a contributor to ‘the Inflectionist’, and I invite you to follow this link to see our offering of this exciting second edition. Ordering information is included at the bottom of the link and I hope you enjoy my article along with all the other wonderful writers and reporters.



Humbling Writers Award

I am honored to have been recognized by the IACM (Indie Author Crime Masters) as Best Author for Thriller, Suspense, Murder. Take a look and note all the wonderful crime authors that received awards – I am humbled to be included among them.


You can watch the presentation video here


Gerald W Darnell – Mystery writer – is my guest author today

Today I am pleased to welcome Mystery writer Gerald Darnell to my blog as my special guest. I’ve asked him to tell us something about himself and his writing. I was actually born in Florida (…

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Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

 12794501_683913841712277_4712726695024791393_n  How and/or why I chose to write:

For years all I read were non-fiction books about war heroes, famous battles, and why the battles took place. It began when I was about ten. When we went to the mall–I found my way to the bookstores, and would remain there for hours. Bantam War Books were my favorite reads. 2) how I chose my genre: The first fiction I took the time to read when it first came out was John Grisham’s Street Lawyer. A story about a hidden-from-life, privileged-lawyer yuppie who witnesses a homeless man commit suicide. The lawyer then gives his time to administer free legal advice to the homeless to help them. Great Five-star book. From there, I began writing here and there. Finally, several years ago I took it serous–and still do. 3) brief bio: I was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, am 49 years-old…

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#EggcerptExchange: HOMETOWN HEARTACHE by M. J. Schiller

Kim's Musings

I am participating in the Author Helping Authors – Egg-cerpt Exchange.

Today, I am featuring M. J. Schiller, author of Hometown Heartache.


new-york-gray HOMETOWN HEARTACHE teaser

Blurb ~

HometownHeartache_CVR_MEDNash is trying to make a name for himself in the art world…

But when he meets a realtor to buy a gallery, he is stunned to find Chloe sitting at the table with the man. He has never stopped thinking about her since she disappeared from his life without a trace. Is it too late to win back her love?

Chloe has finally found a way to leave her past behind her…

But her heart leaps out of her chest when she sees Nash. How can he be here? Now…after all this time? On the surface, she pulls herself back together. But underneath she feels she is about to shatter. After remaking herself, how can she deal with being faced with Nash and…

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typewriterAuthor Wednesday presents two authors today. Melissa Mayberry has visited her before to talk about her series, Mellifica. Now she’s collaborated with Travis Casey on the newly released Enemy of My Enemyfilled with suspense, action, and lots intrigue. EOME Front CoverMelissa drops by for an interview today, but first I’ll let her explain how this collaboration came about. As an author myself, I find it fascinating and inspiring that two authors can write together to create a novel. 

Welcome, Melissa! Let’s start by talking about the birth of this project with Travis Casey.

A few years ago, Travis Casey critiqued work for my first series, Mellifica. He seemed to enjoy the story, but I remained a bit skeptical of his praise. After all, that story is a young adult romance. When I returned the favor and critiqued Travis’ book, Trouble Triangle, I fell in love with a rowdy…

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