Episode 11 Complications

The Everglades


Publication1                        I walked out into the cool evening and felt refreshed from my shower and shave.  I was also relieved that all that noise was inside the walls of the bar, and not following me!   Don’t misunderstand, the outside parking lot was loud, but nothing compared to what was going on inside Chiefs.  The parking lot was also crowded, and people were walking, standing and talking almost everywhere.

I hadn’t noticed anything unusual, and opened the door of the Ford preparing to get in behind the wheel.  Then, from somewhere behind, somebody quickly stepped up and stuck a gun in my ribs. The familiar feel from the cold steel of a gun barrel is something you never forget.

A voice I didn’t recognize spoke in my right ear, “Get in, you drive.  No tricks and no conversation.”

I slid behind the wheel and my ‘new friend’ got in…

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