Episode 10; Hanson Collier

More clues before the excitement begins.

The Everglades

Hanson Collier

Publication1                        It was a cool afternoon, but evidently that didn’t matter.  As I pulled down the sloped driveway of the Maxwell residence and parked, I could see all the girls in their bathing suits and lounging by the pool.

I walked through the outside pool gate and shouted to the group, “Is this a private party or can I join?”

“You know you are welcome,” Mary Ellen answered. “Let me get you a bathing suit and you can help us catch some of this sunshine.”

“No, please – no bathing suit. Thanks for the offer but I don’t have time.  And besides, I’m really just here to look – not swim!” I laughed.

“Well don’t look too hard Mr. Reno,” Liz spouted. “Most of this merchandise is already spoken for and the rest is off limits to you!”

“I’ll try to keep myself under control – Miss…

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