Episode 9; Finished Business

How does a man drown in a house with a knife in his back? Check out Episode 9

The Everglades

Finished Business

               Publication1     Sitting in a desk chair at the back corner of my cabin was Steve Carrollton.  He had turned on the bedside lamp when I opened the cabin door.

Lying on my bed with his feet propped up was Jimmy ‘clean hands’ Sweeny.  MoMo Murphy was in the other corner, and took up most of the rest of the room!

“Well, well – if it isn’t my favorite Memphis Mafia friend,” I said looking at Steve and then around my cabin. “And he’s brought along his freak show, ‘Mutt and Jeff’, for entertainment.  If I had known you guys were coming, I would have ordered some appetizers and gotten a bigger room.  Although, I don’t think they have anything in MoMo’s size available!”

“Have a seat Carson, we need to talk,” Carrollton said in a soft steady voice.

“Okay, I’ve got a few minutes to…

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