Episode 8: Homicide

The Everglades


Publication1                          Mrs. Moore was still working in her yard when I parked the Ford in front of her house.

“What do you think?” Joe asked, as we stared at the activity across the street.

“I’m not sure.  You go talk with Mrs. Moore and see what she says.  Introduce yourself, and if she offers lemonade, accept it.  Whatever has brought Leroy out to ‘the apartment’ is not going to make him happy.  Especially when he finds out that I visited it earlier and didn’t report the situation to him.  So, stay with Mrs. Moore until I get Leroy and his deputies’ back in the box.  Okay?”

“Can do.  Cold lemonade sounds better than a hot sheriff!” Joe laughed.

As I walked across the street, I saw Scotty Perry step from the porch and then walk back in the front door.  It only took a moment for Leroy to…

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