Episode 7: The Apartment

Episode 7 titled ‘the apartment’ of my serial novel – ‘The Everglades’. Things begin to get interesting for Carson and his friends. Enjoy

The Everglades

The Apartment

   Publication1                            I grabbed a cup of Nickie’s coffee to go and walked out into the humidity – it hit me in the face like a brick.  I was headed over to the girl’s apartment to see what I could find. I had a key that I wouldn’t normally use it without Liz being home, but I’m sure under the circumstances they would understand.

The girls shared an older Victorian home located just off Main Street in Humboldt, which I call ‘the apartment’.  It had been in one of the girl’s family for a long time, and them using the house on occasion was a good excuse to keep it maintained.



Normal parking for ‘the apartment’ was behind the house in a small parking area.  Access was from a short front driveway or an alley that went behind all the houses on that side of the…

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