Carson’s friend is accused of killing a white woman in Humboldt during racial tensions that were beginning in 1962

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“Mr. Logan,” Judge Graves growled. “I have here a twenty-five-page document that includes over a dozen objections to these proceedings and requests release of the defendant for a half-dozen more reasons! What do you ay about this, Mr. Logan?
Jack stood up. “Your Honor, I know nothing about that brief, and I’m quite sure you won’t find my name anywhere on it.”
“What,” Judge Grave seemed confused. “Where is this Benjamin Abernathy? I need him to speak to this court about this document and objections! He has signed it, and he must be available to the court to represent it!”
No one spoke.

line-for-gerGer the crossing

You can find
“The Crossing”
(Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 5)
by Gerald W. Darnell at:

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