Episode 6; 48 Hours

Episode 6 – come along and meet Mavis. You won’t forget her.

The Everglades

48 Hours

      Publication1                       I woke from a dreamless sleep and stared at the ceiling, my thoughts starting from where they had stopped the night before.  At some point I had finally given up to the ‘sand man’ – the storm outside being an obvious contributor to my surrender.  This morning the thunder over Memphis seemed louder and the rain continued its attack on my patio. 

My 48 hours had already started and I had accomplished nothing – not even getting a good night’s sleep.  From my apartment I made calls to Attorney Jack Logan, Shelby County Chief of Detectives Larry Parker and to Liz’s Memphis and Humboldt apartments; I was unable to locate anyone.  Jack was in court and Larry was out of his office, but expected back soon.  In desperation, I called Mary Ellen Maxwell.  She wasn’t there either!

Mary Ellen Maxwell was the owner of Maxwell Trucking. …

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