Episode 2: Coffee, Tea, or Me

Episode 2. Enjoy

The Everglades

Coffee, Tea or Me

                 Publication1                       Elizabeth Teague is a stewardess with Chicago & Southern Airlines, and had just recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with the airline.  She was very excited about their recent merger with Delta and looking forward to the benefits from the new company.  Elizabeth was also a close friend of Carson Reno; they had met during his investigation of a ‘Murder in Humboldt’.

Elizabeth and her co-workers, Jan Guthrie and Jane Dudley, were all originally from Humboldt.  They were also roommates and shared apartments in both Memphis and Humboldt. 


Because of schedules, it was rare when they were all traveling or at home at the same time. That made the residence sharing perfect.  It was even rarer for all three to be assigned to the same flight.  However, the merger with Delta meant more flights to more destinations and shuffled schedules for…

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