Episode 1: Contacts

Episode One. Enjoy

The Everglades


Publication1              It was called ‘Organized Crime’ because it was just that – organized. Mafia was the name most recognized and ‘the underworld’ was a name used by those who didn’t know any better.

Prostitution, illegal gambling, illegal booze, protection rackets, extortion and corrupt labor unions – ‘organized crime’ had a solid grip on the nation’s vices.  But, drugs were where the big money was made.  Profits were astronomical and the risks minimal.  All they needed was a source for the product, a way to receive the product and a way to make payment to the source.  Distribution was left to another ‘lower’ element of society.  The Mafia simply made the drugs available, collected the profits and ignored the consequences.  It made perfect sense.

Under the Gambino organization, three Mafia families were involved in this massive operation. Family head, Lewis LaForge (L.L.), was in control of New Orleans and…

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