Chapter 16 Solutions

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land


     publication1                 As Leroy and I had discussed, all parties were assembled in the downstairs conference room of the Gibson County Sheriff’s office. Some wore county provided clothing and handcuffs – some did not.  This was my show – I had better make it work.

Along with our cast of characters were sheriff Epsee, deputies Jeff Cole, Scotty Perry and FBI agent Giltner.  The room was full.

“I’ll skip introductions and formality,” I started. “You know who I am and I know most of you.  You’re here because we believe each of you have some knowledge and/or involvement in the disappearance and untimely death of Charlotte Luckey.  We are together going to discuss that this morning.  Here are the rules – I talk and you listen.  Please answer when I ask you a question.”

Immediately James Gannon stood up. “I have no knowledge or involvement in the death…

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