Chapter 13 Confusion

Episode 13 and a trip to a Drive Inn Movie. Enjoy.

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

publication1            I had a few hours before my date with Liz, so I found a comfortable stool at Nickie’s bar and waited for events to unfold.

Ronnie had a small television over the bar, which remained on mute.  But it didn’t matter; you couldn’t hear it over the jukebox anyway.  I could, at least, get some feeling for what was happening outside Humboldt.


 “Nickie, I’ll take a Jack and Coke, and could you put that TV on a Memphis channel?” I asked nicely.

“I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of our little city, but Memphis channels are all we get,” she shot back. “Do you have a special request?  I can manage 5 and 13 without sending Ronnie on the roof to adjust our antenna.”

“Just put it on a station that I can see. Okay?”

“No problem Mr. Reno. We’ve got ‘Guiding Light’ on one…

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