Chapter 12 Strategy

Episode 12. Strategy…..including a brush with the bad guys. Enjoy

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land


publication1                     I thought Nickie would faint when I walked into the restaurant and waved – it was 5 minutes past eight.  Leroy was already seated in the booth, and had coffee ready for both of us.

I ordered biscuits and gravy, and we ate while he briefed me on the Bosley Buick caper.  He was still a bit sensitive about the whole thing, but I know it was a big feather in his cap to get these guys behind bars – where they belonged.  Alfred E. Dollar would turn states evidence and probably seek a reduced sentence.  Jack Logan was already in town and suing for a petition to have all charges against Kathy Ledbetter dropped.

Other than the innocents that were injured at the dealership, I guess things turned out best for everyone.  Some bad guys off the streets, some real crooks behind bars and a truly innocent…

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