Chapter 10; The Missing File

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

The Missing File

        publication1                      From the Peabody parking garage I headed straight for the kitchen. It was early – 11 o’clock.   Having an office at the Peabody allowed me to eat in the employee dining room – usually for free.  Their large kitchen prepared food for the various hotel restaurants, room service and contracted catering.  That meant there was usually food left over, and it was free to employees and tenants. 

The bacon, eggs, toast and coffee were a real relief to my aching head.  Food, along with a couple of aspirin, almost made me feel like a human being again.

I let Marcie know I was back in town and then quickly went through my mail and messages.  There was nothing interesting. Several calls from Monica, calls from Leroy and a call from Bernie Taylor – that call came in Saturday.  I assumed it to be a home…

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