Chapter 7; The Party

The ‘Party’ and the ‘Beauty’. Episode 7 of my serial novel ‘The Price of Beauty’. Enjoy.

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

The Party


The geography was perfect. Humboldt airport was located just across the highway from the Humboldt County Club, and the Mary Ellen Maxwell house was situated less than a quarter mile from the runway.  Logistics were also perfect.  Caddies from the club drove golf carts, shuffling people from the airport to the club, to the Maxwell house and to/from the parking areas. Parking was either at the Country Club, at the Maxwell home or in a large parking area in a field just off Warmath Circle.  I chose the field.



Humboldt Airport

 The Humboldt airport was small – very small.  Aircraft operation after dark required pre-arrangement and payment upon use.  Nickie’s cousin, Ted Blaylock, ran the airport, and according to her, he had been contracted to keep airport operations open all weekend.  It was apparent many guests would be flying in for the party.  This was shaping…

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