Chapter 6; Kathy and Sam

Episode 6 – Kathy and Sam. Carson gets ready for the big party.

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

Kathy and Sam

    publication1                                      Igrabbed a quick breakfast, a coffee to go, a handful of dimes and settled in at the pay phone out front.

My first call was to the Gibson County Sheriff, Leroy Epsee – he, of course, wasn’t in.  I did speak with Deputy Jeff Cole and asked him to tell Leroy I was in town and would like to buy him lunch, if possible.  He agreed to give him the message, and suggested I call back sometime around noon.

My next call was to the number Jack had given me for Kathy and Sam Ledbetter – Kathy answered on the first ring.  Jack had already called – told her I was in town and would want to talk with her as soon as possible.  We agreed to meet this morning, and I should come right over.

I then called Captain Larry Parker to get…

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