Chapter 4; The Manhattan Club

Come along with Carson to the Memphis Manhattan Club. Episode 4 of my serial novel ‘The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land’

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

The Manhattan Club

     publication1                                    Marcie had already left when I finally got back to my office. She had a note posted where I COULD NOT miss it. 

Call Elizabeth Teague at 901-478-2233.


It was a Memphis number, so I knew that Elizabeth Teague must be back in town. She had an apartment in Germantown, and despite placing many calls to her; we had not spoken in several weeks.

Elizabeth Teague is the kind of woman every man needed to know – at least once in his life. Taller than most, she had those kind of legs that just keep going and going. Unlike most women I meet, she had class – sometimes to her detriment, but she had class. Slim, blonde, well put together and a personality that gave your hormones an electric shock.  Liz worked for Southern Airways and was, literally, a jet setter – traveling across…

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