Chapter 3; Watson Clark

Episode 3 of my serial novel ‘The Price of Beauty’. Carson takes a trip to Arkansas and the problems begin

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

Watson Clark

      publication1                          I stopped by the Commercial Appeal building on my way into the office. The receptionist informed me that Watson Clark no longer worked for the paper.  Evidently, he had resigned unexpectedly a few weeks after the Barry Lassiter incident.  I guess that is the reason I couldn’t locate any additional details to match with his initial reporting of the death.

She had no idea where I could locate Watson, but offered to ask around among his former close friends. I left her my card and asked her, or anyone, to call me if they knew how I might locate him.  She seemed nice and agreed to call if she found out anything.


Mason Brown was the first person I met as I entered the Peabody lobby.

“Mason, I understand you had some excitement around here yesterday.”

“Yes sir Mr. Reno – we certainly did. That…

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