Chapter 2; New Clients

The adventure begins. Episode 2 of my serial novel ‘The Price of Beauty’ Enjoy

The Price of Beauty in Strawberry Land

New Clients

publication1                                             Mason ‘Booker-T’ Brown is the headman around the Peabody – nobody questions that.  The labor union just describes him as ‘Head Porter’ – but Mason takes care of everything.  In addition to being totally responsible for the ducks, he makes and coordinates all work schedules for the doormen, elevator operators, porters and parking garage workers. If you aren’t a maid or a cook, you best look to Mason for instructions – he is the man.

I was unhappy that Mason had put that dog in my office, but guess he didn’t have much choice.  I’d talk to him about that later.


I cautiously walked into my office and introduced myself.  Immediately I understood what Marcie meant by a ‘looker’.

At about 5’ 5” and 105 pounds, Monica Jeffers was well put together and handling her age well – which I guessed to be about 45.  Other…

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