Chapter 14, Ending

Final Episode and solution for SUnset 4. Enjoy. Another adventure coming soon.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery


       publication1                    Joe and I had spent the evening hanging onto a barstool at Chief’s.  It was a typical wild and loud Friday night, as most are.  The crowd was there to party and dance and probably knew little of the days’ events at the ‘Humboldt Motel’. They wouldn’t be concerned until the next time they called the magic number for ‘SUnset 4’ and found no one home!

            ‘SUnset 4’ would probably resurface somewhere else under a different name, or maybe the same name.  The truth is, the people behind ‘SUnset 4’ really didn’t care, and they were only selfishly interested in the money – and really believed they were above the law. 1962 was a banner year for organized crime, and even the smallest communities were not immune to their activities.

Shutting down ‘SUnset 4’ wasn’t even a bump in the road for organized crime…

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