Chapter 13 Dead and Gone

The end is near.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

Dead and Gone

       publication1                  It had been almost a week since someone murdered Munro Chalmers in ‘Room 32’ of the ‘Humboldt Motel’.  This Friday, just like last Friday, was going to be an exciting day at the ‘Humboldt Motel’; I had planned it that way.  To help my friend, Sheriff Leroy Epsee, avoid some possible political implications, the Tennessee Highway Patrol was preparing to host a party for our friends at ‘SUnset 4’.

There was no football game tonight, and Humboldt’s successful coach was wanted for murder.  However, excitement was going to be available, just a very different kind of entertainment.


Liz left for Memphis at 11:00 and I headed to Chief’s to catch up with Joe.  Parked out front and near the front door was a vehicle I didn’t recognize.  It belonged to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.

Inside Chief’s, I found Joe sitting in…

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