Chapter 12 Another Day

Introducing THP Captain Chip Falstaff and my secret Jack Daniel’s BarBQ recipe. Episode 12 of my serial novel SUnset 4. Enjoy.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

Another Day

            publication1               This Thursday started earlier than I like; it started with Joe knocking on my door at 10:00AM.  I showered, shaved and joined Joe in a booth at Chief’s for breakfast.  We ordered the special with coffee, and I settled in to hear what Joe had discovered during his stakeout at Carrie’s house last night.

“Boss,” Joe started. “I’ve got the Teletype from Shelby County and it shows that Carrie Weekes Dunbar is wanted for parole violation.  She was sentenced to 24 months for prostitution and was scheduled to serve eighteen-month probation. She has been in violation of her parole almost since her release.”

“Interesting,” I said.

“There’s more,” Joe continued. “I spent the night watching her residence, and nothing interesting happened until about midnight.  Then, a man appeared from somewhere and walked up on the porch and entered the house.  He had a key!  I…

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