Chapter 11 Coming Together

Lots and lots of clues in Episode 11 of my serial novel SUnset 4. Enjoy.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

publication1I really needed to talk with Joe and see what he had learned yesterday, if anything.  I called Chief’s before I left my Memphis apartment and asked Nickie to have him wait for me in bar when he checked in.

It was almost one o’clock on Wednesday afternoon when I arrived back in Humboldt and circled Chief’s.  I didn’t see Joe’s car, so decided to go visit my old friend, Marlon Crow.


Marlon Crow owned and operated the Humboldt Truck Stop.  In addition to the large volume of 18 Wheeler Truck business, he did a fair amount of automobile service for the local residents.  He also operated a 24-hour restaurant, which was a favorite stop for the late partygoers after Chief’s closed at 2 AM.  Their slogan was ‘We Doze, But Never Close’.

I had known Marlon for years and knew he had ‘other’ business that was usually on the…

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