Chapter 9 Unwelcome Investigation

Carson’s investigation gets serious. Join us for Episode 9 of my serial novel SUnset 4. Enjoy

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

publication1                 As Nickie promised, Ronnie was preparing me one of his ‘special’ breakfasts when I finally wandered into Chief’s on Monday morning.  It was almost eleven o’clock and the beginning of another cold and cloudless day.

Joe had already called and left a message for me to phone him at the office, I guess he had an answer on Tom Longwood.  I used the outside payphone to call Joe while Ronnie got my breakfast ready.  Joe had spoken with Tom Longwood and actually got a positive reading from what Tom had told him.  He felt that regardless of other motives he might have, Tom actually had some substantiated suspicions concerning his wife.

I asked Joe to call Tom back and confirm that ‘Drake Detective Agency’ would handle his case and to have Marcie draw up a standard contract for Tom’s signature.  Joe would then drive directly to Humboldt and…

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