Chapter 8 Too Many Clients

Episode 8 of SUnset 4. The plot thickens and Carson has more clients than he can handle. Enjoy.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

publication1                 I parked the Ford near the downstairs bar door of the Humboldt Country Club.  The crowd had started to gather, but I didn’t see Liz’s car among the many already in the parking area.


The night air was cold, but our golf forecast for tomorrow was a good one.  Bright skies, cool temperature and a great day for golf.

I quietly slid onto a barstool and asked Nuddy to bring me a Jack and Coke.  Liz was due at any time, and I expected the rest of the party members had already started to gather in the upstairs dining room.  I would wait on Liz, and we could make our entrance together.  Liz enjoyed a good entrance!

I had just starting to check out the downstairs bar customers when someone took the stool to my right and tapped me on the shoulder.  It was Tom Longwood.

“Excuse me, but…

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