Chapter 7: Room 32

Episode 7 and MURDER!

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

Room 32

 publication1                    Today being Saturday, I slept in (as usual) and eventually wandered back into Chief’s in time to get one of Ronnie’s breakfast specials before they started serving lunch. The crowd was gone but had definitely left their mark.  Empty bottles, glasses, trash and even a few football mementos were scattered around the bar and restaurant.

            Obviously, Nickie hadn’t had time to clean up this morning, and I could see and sense her frustrations. To escape her wrath, I just waved and avoided contact and conversation.  Trust me, it was better that way.

The fundraising and golf tournament reception wasn’t scheduled until 7 PM, and I figured Liz would be in town sometime around 5. That gave me this Saturday to rest, loaf, visit with the parents and not be rushed with anything.  Of course, as usual, my plans never come together the way they…

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