Chapter 5 – Tom Longwood

Meet Tom Longwood and Marlon Crow in Episode 5 of my serial novel ‘SUnset 4’. Enjoy

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

publication1Tom owned the ‘Humboldt Motel’.  He owned the building, the land and the motel/restaurant business, or at least everyone thought he did.


The remodeling of the motel and restaurant in 1958 had put a real strain on Tom and his finances.  The new pool had taken the project way over budget, and there was a time Tom thought he would lose it all.  Local bankers weren’t interested, and Tom was forced to look elsewhere for help.  The good news is that he found it.  The bad news is where he found it.

The real owner of the ‘Humboldt Motel’, the land and the business was Capital Loans and Pawnbrokers located on Beale Street in Memphis, the office of Steve Carrollton, head of the Memphis Mafia.


Capital Loan and Pawnbrokers

At first, things had gone well.  Tom had regularly made his overly inflated monthly mortgage payments and…

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