Chapter 4: Sunset-4

Carson tangles with some ‘bad guys’ in Episode 4 of my serial novel SUnset 4. Enjoy.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

SUnset – 4

    publication1                        A deep male voice answered when you called the designated number.  He always answered the same way and always with the same tone.  He just said, “Hello.”

The code for the caller was ‘SUnset 4’, which was, of course, the prefix for all the phone numbers in Humboldt.  If the deep male voice heard anything else, he simply hung up.  It was surprisingly efficient and worked extremely well.

However, using the code, the caller unlocked a world unknown to most of the community.  If you wanted to place a bet, it was handled.  If you wanted some after-hours or illegal alcohol, it was handled.  If you needed a lady companion for an hour or the evening, it was handled.  ‘SUnset 4’ could work magic, provided you knew the number to call and provided you knew the code.

Ladies were available at the

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