It Never Rains But It Pours . . .


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. . . and  pours. And pours. We are about to get slammed by Hurricane Matthew, it appears. If the city of Daytona takes a direct hit, as predicted, we are well within the Zone of hurricane force winds and rain. (We are less than 20 miles from there.) Mark is securing the buildings downtown, and we will be battening the hatches here. No mandatory evacuation for us at this point, since we are inland, but we will be getting a ton of rain and wind, most likely. And we are almost certain to lose power. Thank goodness for camping gear and a gas-powered generator. It will let us run the refrigerator and the emergency window a/c in our bedroom.

I will try to get some more excerpts up today, but I have to shop for a few storm supplies, gas up the car, and reschedule the workshop I was going…

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