Chapter 3: Munro Chalmers

Come along as Carson introduces you to ‘Richard Cranium’ Private Detective.


Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery

publication1In high school everybody had a nickname, some were good and some were not so good.  If we really didn’t like somebody, we gave him, or her, a nickname that usually had a hidden meaning, one that only our group would understand. That always made the joke funnier.

Munro Chalmers was one of those kids that just never could find his place or the right friends.  He was always hanging around our group and trying to ‘fit in’, but somehow he never did.  Our nickname for Munro Chalmers was ‘Richard Cranium’.  He was too stupid to figure the joke, and simply laughed and responded when someone in our group referred to him as ‘Richard Cranium’. I guess that made him feel like he ‘belonged’.  He didn’t.

Munro Chalmers, or ‘Richard Cranium’, remained the joke with my high school buddies until graduation.  Finally on graduation night, drunk and tired of…

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