Chapter 2 Rumors

Come along with episode 2 of my serial novel ‘SUnset 4’ titled Rumors Things begin to get complicated for our characters as this small town drama unfolds.

Sunset 4 A Carson Reno Mystery


       publication1                               Sandra’s parents, Gary and Shirley Weekes, divorced when she was only four.  After the divorce, she and her older sister, Carrie, lived with their mother. Their father immediately moved to Memphis, and within months simply disappeared – all contact was lost.  There were no letters, no phone calls, and no birthday cards – nothing.  It was if he had never existed.

Their mother struggled to keep the rent paid and food on the table. She was never able to give the girls what other kids their age had.  Her job at Brown Shoe was hard and the pay poor.  She was gone much of the time, and Sandra and her sister were spending more and more time with their maternal grandmother.

Eventually her struggles as a single parent took its toll.  When Sandra was 15, she came home from school one day to find her mother…

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