Murder in Humboldt Final Episode

Day 10 Final Day. I hope you enjoyed this serial presentation of my novel ‘Murder in Humboldt’





   Publication1                The day started early for everyone.

Figuring it was still too early for Dorothy to be awake; Leroy placed a call to the Wayne house at about 8:30 AM.  Today was Saturday and Carrie Mae’s day off.  After 10 or 12 rings there was still no answer, but we knew she was home.  On the third try Dorothy finally answered her phone.  It was obvious, and painful to the listener, that she was suffering from a serious hangover; however, that was not unusual for her.

“Yes, Leroy, how can I help you?  Isn’t it awful early for you to be calling your citizens?” Her words came out hard.

“Yes, and I apologize for the hour, but I have some difficult news to deliver,” Leroy started. “The FBI has released your husband.  However, my office has now arrested him again for the…

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