Murder in Humboldt Episode 10

Things are heating up for Carson in Day 9 of his adventure ‘Murder in Humboldt’. If you like this, try the audiobook version, you can find it here:




       Publication1                       I ordered Ronnie’s breakfast special, and while it was cooking, used the outside pay phone to call Liz at the Jackson Holiday Inn again.  This time she answered quickly.

“Good Morning…again…Mr. Reno.  Is this becoming a habit, I hope?” she said slyly.

“Listen Liz, if it was your idea to relocate to Jackson, it was a good one, congratulations.  However, I need to talk with Mary Ellen today and would appreciate it if you would be available also.”

“Okay.  What time can you come over?”

“I can’t, and for two good reasons.  First, my car was damaged yesterday, and I’m not sure when I will get it back. Second, I am under instructions from all Humboldt and Gibson County law enforcement to stay off the streets today.  Could you girls possibly make a trip over here sometime today?”

“I guess so; let me check with…

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