Murder in Humboldt Episode 9

Day 8 Thursday. Carson meets a few special ladies and then someone starts shooting at him! Enjoy.




      Publication1                               It was a beautiful spring morning and I rolled down all the windows on the Ford as I made the half-hour drive to Jackson.  This was a ‘blue bird’ day, with only an occassional white fluffy cloud floating across the clear blue sky.

I had already started my second cup of coffee when the red Corvette convertible wheeled into the parking area.   The top was down, and her hair showed the experience of a quick and windy ride on a beautiful morning.

She looked remarkably different from our first meeting, perhaps it was the light or perhaps it was her dress.  This morning Liz was without all her frills, fancy suit and jewelry.  In the morning light, I could see that Elizabeth Teague was truly a beautiful woman.  It was like she had somehow peeled back a layer and was letting more of her…

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