Murder in Humboldt Episode 8

Day 7 – Wednesday. The Murder of the ‘Murder in Humboldt’. Enjoy





Something woke me at 4:30.  You know, like when you hear a sound while sleeping, but then awaken and don’t know what that sound was.

Evidently, the sound had come from the screeching tires of Liz’s Corvette.  Because when I peeked out the drapes, I just caught a glimpse of it racing out of the parking lot.  The top was now up and I had no idea who was driving, or if someone was in the passenger seat.

Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I surveyed the parking lot.  Most of the cars that were there earlier were still there, and JR’s Lincoln had returned to its original parking spot. There was, however, a new addition.  The white 61 Cadillac I had seen earlier was back, and was parked in front of Room 3.  I assume they had come back and rented a room after…

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