Murder in Humboldt, Episode 6

My serial novel ‘Murder in Humboldt’ Day 5 – Monday




Publication1                        The preliminary hearing went well for our client.  I had expected the situation to enter one of those appeal cycles where things never seem to get resolved, it didn’t. In summary – it was a good outcome.  Sometimes the guilty deserve a break too!


   The heat of summer had not yet arrived, so Jack and I paused on the courthouse steps to enjoy the cool fresh air.  Jack could sense something was eating at me and nudged my arm as we stood watching the downtown traffic.  “Hey buddy, what’s on your mind?  You just haven’t been yourself today, you got woman trouble again?”

“Well, yes I guess you could call it that, but not in the way you’re thinking.   Buy me lunch at the Rendezvous and I’ll tell you about it,” I suggested.

“Okay, I guess I do owe your lunch.  Let’s go,”…

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