#MysteryGoneMad – #Coming Soon – Some News of My Own!

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I’m very excited to report that I’ve been invited to be included in a boxed set of six mystery novels. Yep! In the very near future,  Swamp Ghosts will be included in Mystery Gone Mad, a cool collection of crazy mysteries: Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and just plain funny. I hope you’ll all stay tuned as things progress.

As soon as the set is available for pre-order, I’ll post the link. Pre-orders will be $.99. When the set is released, the price will be $2.99. Still a bargain price for over 1,400 pages of murder and mayhem.

 The authors include Anna Celeste Burke, Gerald Darnell, Viv Drewa, Judith Lucci, Marcia Meara (that’s moi), and Karen Vaughan. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, as you might imagine, and I know you guys will help us get the word out.

Check out the cool trailer Gerald Darnell created for us:Mystery Gone Mad

And please stay tuned for more info, as…

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