5 Stars for ‘Dead End’

Wonderful review from writer Eva Pasco for Carson Reno’s ‘Dead End’

Eva Pasco

Crime Fiction with Conviction

My 5-Star Review posted at Amazon:

The author succeeds in giving detective, Carson Reno, a run for his money along with the readers who follow him on a wild goose chase to find a client he’s supposed to protect, but has managed to escape.

Along every twist and turn back and forth from Memphis, Tennessee to Amagon, Arizona, dead bodies keep turning up while the situation grows more complex and confusing.

Without unnecessary words getting in the way, Reno uses the author to tell a fast-paced, well-written story which never grinds to a halt despite the pervading inclement weather and miles of slippery, snow-covered roads the detective travels throughout.

Of pure Sixties mindset in a crime novel, women are appreciated for their assets, and admired for their class, sass, and brass. Goons will be goons. Hotels, lounge bars, underground bars, and roadside dives are backdrops for conversation and developing leads, however slim at the time.

The detours and jolts along the ride make ‘Dead End’ worth the chase.


marketing 5





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