Mystery Monday Review: “Cold Feet Fever” by Maureen Fisher


Today I would like to share my review of “Cold Feet Fever” by Maureen Fisher, a wonderful writer who is no stranger to this blog. Remember her from this post and this post?

Her Fever Series books are romances with an underlying mystery, crime, dogs with personality, and always humor. Maureen writes fun romance novels because our world needs more love & laughter.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

“Darlin’, that feels real good. Hoo-eee, you surely do have magic fingers.” The masculine voice, Southern with a twist, was clearly audible over the commotion.

That’s the first paragraph of Cold Feet Fever, described as “… the perfect blend of romance, comedy and mystery.”

A commitment-challenged party animal, gambler, and player, Sam Jackson hides his insecurities behind charm, avoidance, and Jack Daniels.

What could be more fun than tormenting a serial womanizer like Sam by pairing him with a heroine who would drive him crazy while…

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