Murder in Humboldt Episode 2

DAY ONE – THURSDAY and Episode 2 of my serial novel ‘Murder in Humboldt’. Enjoy.




     Publication1                     I woke mid-morning with the thoughts of Mary Ellen’s letter still on my mind, wondering if I should respond to her request, ignore it and keep the money or return the money and say ‘no thanks’.

But, overnight had brought me to my senses; I knew that whatever Mary Ellen wanted, was NOT something that I could or should be involved with.

Standing on my 12th floor patio and watching the sun inch its way over downtown Memphis, I could tell it was going to be a nice, late spring day.  Perhaps a drive to Humboldt and a visit with Mother and Dad would make sense.  Besides, I had the hundred from Mary Ellen Maxwell and I had decided to return her money and tell her – NO SALE!


It was almost 11:00 when I walked into the lobby of the Peabody

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