#Excerpt Week – ‘Dead End’ by author Gerald Darnell

Thank you Marcia for inviting me

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‘Dead End’ is the thirteenth novel in the Carson Reno Mystery Series. All books in the series are ‘stand-alone’ novels, rated PG or PG 13 and may be read in any order without confusion.  The setting for the series is the early 1960’s and Carson Reno is a Private Detective who works from an office in the Memphis Peabody Hotel.

This excerpt from ‘Dead End’ is the opening for the book. Carson finds himself in a muddy ditch as the result of an automobile accident while running from someone who is trying to kill him and his friend. A flashback follows this excerpt which takes the story up to present time and his dangerous situation.

Dead_End_Cover Winner

A filthy mixture of snow, ice, Arkansas mud and blood filled my mouth – the gritty mess was making it almost impossible to breathe.  Eyes still closed, and trying not to choke, I rolled my…

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One thought on “#Excerpt Week – ‘Dead End’ by author Gerald Darnell

  1. Thanks so much for sharing another exciting excerpt with us, Gerald! It’s great to have you taking part in #ExcerptWeek on The Write Stuff. A wonderful addition to everything that’s been shared.


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