#ExcerptWeek – Swamp Ghosts by Marcia Meara

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Since we got such a rush of excerpts at the end of last week, I extended it for another one, but now it’s gone quiet again. You know what THAT means, doncha? You’ll be getting more of MINE, again. 😀 Starting with this one from Swamp Ghosts, which hasn’t been feeling the love around around here, and demanded that I give it equal time. Maggie Devlin and Gunnar Wolfe have just met, when Gunn hired Maggie to canoe him into some remote waterways to photograph rare birds. Turns out, Gunn knows nothing about canoes or boats at all. Hence, the early morning lesson before their first foray into the black waters of the St. Johns. And did I mention, prickly Maggie doesn’t much care for the big guy. So far. 🙂 Enjoy!


SUNDAY MORNING ARRIVED looking like a picture out of a travel brochure. A buttery yellow sun beamed down…

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2 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – Swamp Ghosts by Marcia Meara

  1. Thanks for sharing, Gerald. Why don’t you pick a good excerpt from one of your books, and share it on The Write Stuff, too? We’ll tweet it out for you, all over the place, you know. 😀 Email me if you’d like to take part. We’d love to have you.


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