What’s an Amazon Vine Voice?


I post a lot of reviews to Amazon and often notice those names with that little ‘Amazon Vine’ by them, like they’re special, or more

vine voice I’m a Vine Voice

authoritative. I know their reviews carry more weight than the average review, but I didn’t know who they were or how they were selected–or pretty much anything about them.

Then Amazon made me a Vine Voice.

Here’s what I found out:

What is Amazon Vine?

Launched in 2007 in an effort to encourage top-notch reviews, Amazon selects individuals with unbiased, well-written, balanced reviews to join a cadre of Amazon reviewers called Amazon Vine Voices. They are offered free products, then asked to review these for Amazon. There is no pay involved, just the free products like books, CD’s, movies, computer products, food–anything that is sold on Amazon. Every time they review a product, be it from the list awarded by Amazon…

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