Open the Box by Geoff Le Pard #short story #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Reblogged from Geoff at Tangental:

sue vincent chestZach Peters tapped his pen on the clipboard. ‘That’s about it. Your mother’s house is empty. We’ve left a few things in the garage which we thought you should decide if you want to keep.’

Amelia Johnson nodded. Her mother kept so little she didn’t expect much. Indeed, the framed portrait of her grandfather and four photo albums weren’t much to represent a life.

Zach touched her elbow and directed her gaze at the far wall. ‘We found that chest. It’s locked mind.’

Amelia stared at the battered trunk. ‘Goodness, now that takes me back.’ She let a smile grow on her lips. ‘Mother’s trunk. She said it would be mine one day, though I thought it had gone long since.’

‘What’s in it?’

Read the rest of Geoff’s story by clicking here.

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