Return To The Dirt: savage social satire


ReturnDirtIn time-honoured fashion, these three taut tales of work and death employ humour to highlight the worst aspects of human behaviour. They’re sharp, savage slices of smartly observed social satire, with humour so bleak it raises blisters, so black it casts a sinister shadow on a superficially sunny existence. Each novella is entirely separate and tells its own, self-contained story, but they’re linked by a definite theme. Author Geoff Sturtevant writes in an engaging, easy going tone which lulls the reader into believing these might be benign interludes of banter spiced up with a bit of bad boy business…

Then the sucker punch sneaks up on your synapses. One moment you’re giggling about the waste of a college education on ‘The Technician’ (a man who spends his days sweating in a badly-cut corporate uniform) and in the next heartbeat, there’s dying bloke on the floor having his brains mushed up…

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