Book Review: Murder and More by Gerald Darnell

A very comprehensive review of my novel ‘Murder and More’. Thank you Ankita

Mojito With a Twist!

Gerald Darnell, the author, correctly describes his book, Murder and More, as a quick read. This fiction – murder mystery story is set in the early 1960’s. Doctor Henry Beaumont is a successful surgeon. He and his wife, Ava Beaumont, have been married for about ten years, but he has not been faithful to his wife. He is having an affair with a stunning lady, Olivia Hartley. Ava hires Mr. Donovan Tanner, a private detective, to get some dirt on her husband that she could use against him in her planned divorce case; however, this detective gets more dirt than either of them had anticipated. These documents that he has collected against Mr. Beaumont have the potential of throwing him behind the bars; if he goes to prison, then Ava would have to say goodbye to all the money that she intends to grab in her divorce. The stakes are high and…

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